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Friday, July 29th

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Dear Church family, This week the church was full of laughter, running, singing, and glitter. It was also full of incredible volunteers. As you know if you saw the pictures on Facebook, it was VBS week! As a congregation, you were part of the living embodiment of Jesus’ words to his disciples when he said, […]

Friday, July 15th

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We return once again to our dear friend and former guest, Sarah Thebarge, for this week’s E-votional. You can find all her blogs at HERE & NOW “How we live our days…is how we live our lives.” — Annie Dillard *** It happened gradually over more than a decade but, as I wrote last week, I went […]

Friday, July 8th

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This week’s E-votional comes to us from our dear friend and former guest, Sarah Thebarge. You can find all her blogs at   IN THE AFTERMATH Yesterday I flew from Florida to Oregon, which means that I was on airplanes for most of the day.  I got home from the airport around midnight and […]