In education, a capstone course is the final experience that tops off years of study. Education in our faith is never, of course, completed. We always strive to know more about God’s Word, to dig deeply into theology, to add to the meaning of worship and prayer. But many do yearn for an opportunity to build upon the gifts of private Bible study, small group DVDs, and workbooks.
In response to this desire, we introduce Capstone. It is not the culmination of your Christian study but it is a building block to your next level of knowledge in the hope of heightening faith.

If you desire:

  • intentional study of the Bible and theology,
  • focused effort that challenges your mind and heart,
  • access to top-notch seminary professors and Christian leaders,
  • deeper faith that continually seeks further understanding

then Capstone is for you.

Thanks to the generosity of church member Minnie King who had a heart for religious education, this opportunity is accessible to all. We are excited about the quality and variety Capstone will offer.

Build your knowledge and heighten your faith with Capstone.

All textbooks and other class materials will be provided to class participants and can be picked up the 2 weeks before the first class. A free-will offering will be collected.

All classes will be located in the First Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall, located on the 12th Street side of the building.

A light meal will be provided during each evening class, so no need to scramble for dinner..

Reminders will be sent to all class participants by email.

Please check back for our next Capstone speaker.