Where to Park

Our church has parking lots located off “B” street on the north side of the sanctuary and across from the Garden Door.

Where to Enter

To enter our sanctuary, where the 11:00 a.m. worship is held, there are the big double doors located on the corner of 12th and B Street. There is also a door labeled “Church-Chapel” just to the right on 12th street.








If you are attending our 9:00 a.m. DayOne worship, you will want to enter through our Fellowship Hall doors located on 12th street. Follow the ramp down to the doors to enter under the large blue sign that says “Fellowship Hall”. This door also is quick access to the elevator to take you to the Church Offices on the 2nd floor or the Sunday School rooms on the 3rd floor



Our Parlor is located through the “Garden Door“. This door is located on B Street through our garden and past the fountain.


The main Family Center entrance is across the alley from the Garden Door. This alley extends from B Street to A Street. It is also labeled with a large blue sign that says “Family Center”.


Once you are on the church campus, there are blue signs to direct you to your desired location.