This past winter, we contracted with Fish Hook, a church communications consulting firm out of Indianapolis, to
assess and overhaul our communications strategy.  The document they produced has given us a
blueprint for our communications, both to our members and to the community, as we move forward.
Communication is absolutely vital as we seek to do Jesus’ work in Fort Smith.

Beginning Thursday, August 17, and continuing each Thursday through September 21, we
will be hosting a noon time conversation around communications built off the Fish Hook U curriculum.
We will be discussing visitor outreach, style and consistency of presentation, and many other
communication issues over those meetings.  So, we need you to help us discuss, plan and implement
these changes.  This is not something the staff can do on our own.  We are asking that you attend as
many of these meetings as you can.  You may believe that these conversations are not for you; that
you don’t know anything about communication, but this is not the case.  We need you!  Please try to
be there, as you are able, over the weeks ahead.  I promise it will be worth your time.

The courses will take place Thursdays at noon in the Fellowship Hall for a brown bag conversation,
we will begin working through Fish Hook’s curriculum to help congregations communicate more

During the course, we’ll be learning more about how to rally as a team around our mission and apply it to our communications strategies and our everyday roles in ministry. We’ll also focus on writing, design, social media and our guest experience.
This is a great opportunity for our church to get on the same page when it comes to connecting with our congregation and community.
Here is the schedule:
  • Session 1 (August 17th)          “Rally As a Team”                 – Mission/Vision
  • Session 2 (August 24th)         “In Focus”                               -Mission/Vision
  • Session 3 (August 31st)          “Choose Your Words”          -Skill building/Grammar-writing
  • Session 4 (September 7th)    “Share Your Story”                -Social Media/Online presence
  • Session 5 (September 14th)   “Do-It-Yourself Design”      -Brand building and Consistency
  • Session 6 (September 21st)   “Guest Connections”            -Visitors
I will be serving as the facilitator during our six sessions and will be happy to answer your questions. Please email me, if possible, to let me know you which Sessions you will be attending, so I can have a packet ready for you!
Rebekah Martin
Communication Director
479-783-8919 x16