Dear Church family,

First Presbyterian has hosted 65 children at Vacation Bible School this week! Yes, it has been as noisy and busy as you are imagining. [NOTE: If you would like to see some fun pictures from the week, there will be a slideshow running in the Parlor all Sunday morning for any who would like to watch it.]

Our prayer for this week is that the children who have come to us have learned how much God loves them and how much he wants to listen to their prayers and strengthen them in their lives. Simply stated, we hope, with God’s help, we have been a blessing to them. One thing I know is that they have been a blessing for all of us volunteers who have gotten to know them. Here is one blessing example that I just love.

Phil has been picking up a couple of children who come to us through the church’s ministry of First Sunday Supper. On Monday Phil listened as the two brothers talked to each other in the car’s backseat.


Here is their conversation:

Younger brother says to older brother, “Which church are we going to?”

Older brother responds, “The chocolate church.”

Younger brother says, “The Chocolate Church?”

“Yes,” says the older, “you know the one with chocolate milk.”

Both brothers grin at each other and shout, “Yay!”


When I consider the many reputations a church could earn, being “the chocolate church” is a pretty good one. It means we are, at least for these two brothers, a place that has both nourished them and given them joy. It makes me think of when Jesus says: And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones who is my disciple, truly I tell you, that person will certainly not lose their reward” (Matthew 10: 42). What a reward it is for us as a congregation to be able to fulfill Jesus’ request! This week we have been able to share water with “these little ones”, and God’s love, and even some chocolate milk.


Christ’s peace be with you all,