Dear Church family,

I was reading a Mary Oliver poem called “Prayers” this morning as part of my devotional time and here is a line from it:

“this isn’t a contest but a doorway into thanks, and a silence in which another voice may speak.”


That thing that is not a contest but a doorway is paying attention. Paying attention to the small things, the inconsequential things, and allowing them to be a doorway into thanks and an opportunity to listen for God.

What a beautiful image: our paying attention as a doorway into thanks.


This is not a season of paying attention. This is a season of running full speed with your hair on fire.


But if we do that then we will miss everything and we will have found no reason to be thankful. For the two are related: noticing and gratitude.


My prayer for each of you today—and my prayer for myself as I read these words this morning—is that we will pay attention to this season.

May you pay attention as a doorway into thanks.

May you pay attention so that there is some silence into which God may speak.

May that paying attention become prayer for you.


May the blessings of God be yours,