Dear Church family,
We have come one week closer to Christmas Day; one week closer to celebrating the birth of God’s Son Jesus who came into this world to save us from our sins. As we are waiting, we have probably filled up much of our time and our mental energy on other things. So here, for just a moment, slow down and remember the reason we celebrate. Here are two more poems from Ann Weems’ book Kneeling in Bethlehem to help you on your way:


The Christmas spirit
is that hope
which tenaciously clings
to the hearts of the faithful
and announces
in the face
of any Herod the world can produce
and all the inn doors slammed in our faces
and all the dark nights of our souls
that with God
all things still are possible,
that even now
unto us
a Child is born!


What do I want for Christmas?
I want to kneel in Bethlehem,
the air thick with alleluias,
the angels singing
that God is born among us.
In the light of the Star,
I want to see them come,
the wise ones and the humble.
I want to see them come
bearing whatever they treasure
to lay at the feet
of him who gives his life.

What do I want for Christmas?
To see in that stable
the whole world kneeling in thanks
for a promise kept:
new life.
For in his nativity
we find ours.

Christ’s peace be with you all,

kneeling in bethleham 1