Dear Church family,
This week the church was full of laughter, running, singing, and glitter. It was also full of incredible volunteers. As you know if you saw the pictures on Facebook, it was VBS week! As a congregation, you were part of the living embodiment of Jesus’ words to his disciples when he said, “Let the little children come to me.” We hosted 38 children from 3 years old all the way to 6th graders. On the third morning one child came to me, gave a big hug and then told me how she’d laid in her bed the night before thinking about one of the songs from the week. She said, “I thought about the words of the song and how much Jesus must love me and I started to cry!” At this point I should let you know, the little girl is 6 years old. Then, this morning one of the boys told me all about how he’d written a song in his head last night. I cannot now remember all the of the words but I know it ended something like this: “Jesus has saved me, he loves me, and he will never let me go.” This boy is also 6 years old.


It is a wonder to witness what the children learn in one week. In part, it is a wonder because they so often seem to be only half-listening or they seem to be too busy with the balloons or the snacks or the play dough to take in the message. But they are listening and they are taking it in. They are taking everything in. The second reason it is a wonder is because it all seems so fast. Only 3 hours a day for 5 days. We ask ourselves, can children really be that affected by such a small amount of time? But let’s think about it: the 38 children we hosted participated in 15 hours of Christian education this week. That is the equivalent of almost 4 months of Sunday School! Which means they have learned a lot and it can and does strongly affect them and deepen their faith.

Finally, I want you to know one last thing about the children who danced and painted and prayed in the Family Center this week. 6 of the children came to us from the Children’s Emergency Shelter, 2 from the Crisis Intervention Center, 3 from our First Sunday Supper ministry, 9 from our Hobson Preschool, 2 from our Boy Scout troop, and 16 were children and grandchildren of our church members. They arrived from very different backgrounds and life experiences and your fellow church members were able to show them kindness, patience, and the love of Jesus. “Let the children come to me.” That is what Jesus said to his disciples. It is what he says to us. What a great gift this week has been to our congregation that we were able to answer that admonition, both for children of FPC and for children throughout our city. I ask you to keep each of them and their families in your prayers this coming week.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, you look at us and you see each of us as a child of God. We pray for the children who were in our care this past week. Deepen their faith, help them to know your love, teach them the way to follow you. Help us to answer your call to help children come to you. Give us your grace and good hope to share your love with all we meet. In your name we pray. Amen.

Christ’s peace be with you,