Greetings all, here is your e-votional for the week:

This is a poem by Michigan undertaker, essayist and poet Thomas Lynch.  Lynch is most well known for his wonderful book, “The Undertaking.”  His writing is infused with earthiness, excess, humanity and an overtone of divinity.  This poem, Heavenward, is a celebration of creation, particularly the creation of women.  Peace be with you this week…


Such power in the naming of things-
To walk out in the greensward pronouncing
Goldfinch, lilac, oriental poppy-
as if the shaping of the thing in sound
produced a pleasure like the sight of things
as if the housefinch winters in the mock-orange is
as tasty an intelligence to the lips and ears as
the sight of a small purple bid in December is
perched in a thicket of bald branches.
June you remember: the white blossoms, yellow
jackets, the fresh scent of heaven.
And other incarnations to be named:
nuthatch, magnolia, coreopsis, rose.
Surely this was God’s first gift of godliness-
that new index finger working over the globe
assigning from the noisy void those fresh,
orderly syllables.  Ocean, garden,
helpmate, tree of knowledge.
Making came easy, creation
a breeze.  But oh, that dizzy pleasure when
God said Eve and the woman looked heavenward.

Prayer:  Holy God, we thank you for your good and beautiful creation.  We ask that you would help us to see your word with fresh eyes, and to feel the power of the language of creation on our tongues.  Help us to experience you in all that we see in this world, and we pray that all we see and feel might lead us always to Christ, in whose name we pray, Amen.