Dear Church family,
Are you getting excited about this coming Wednesday? I know you are because I know that it is a big holiday in your family: celebrating together the night when Martin Luther nailed his famous 95 Theses to the church door at Wittenberg, Germany.

Wait? Is that NOT the holiday you are anticipating?

It was on Halloween night that Luther went to the church in his town and nailed up 95 concerns he had about the church’s practices. He chose that night because he knew the church would be full the next day on All Saints Day and many would see his cry for change. Many did see and it was this All Hallow’s Eve act that sparked what we now know as the Protestant Reformation. All “Protest”ant congregations rose out of that initial protest.

One of the most important beliefs that sprung from these protests was the idea that the church needed to be reformed and, not just reformed once, but reshaped over and over as the Holy Spirit moved it or as it fell into laziness or sin. The phrase they used was that the church should be “always reforming.”

What a wonderful idea this is, what a wonderful goal and hope. Not only for the church but for us as well. We don’t want God to shape us once but we deeply desire—and deeply need—God to come back to us and reshape us, over and over again. When God does this it is his way of letting us know he has not given up on us; that he will not give up on us.

This week, when we remember Luther’s nighttime escapade, we celebrate that we are reformed people, yes. And even more wonderful than this, we are always reforming. God continues to work on us to make something precious out of us.

This beautiful word of hope is certainly worthy of a holiday celebration this week and every week.

Christ’s peace be with you all,