Dear Church family,
I hope many of you got a chance to hear our King Speaker, Kaitlin Curtice, this past weekend. In her afternoon session, she said something that had me grabbing for my purse desperately trying to find a piece of scrap paper so I could write it down.
She said, “My existence is resistance.”

In her case, she was referring to her Native American background and that she wanted to live in a way that resisted her tribe dying out or Native American history being erased from our national memory. But I didn’t hear the phrase as something unique to Kaitlin. It immediately made me think about our presence in this world as Christians. In what way is my existence as a Christian a resistance in this world? Do I resist by knowing how much is “enough” and not craving more? Do I resist by living with deep hope while the world revels in cynicism? Or do I resist in the most basic of Christian ways by showing people that I have only one Lord I bow to and only one King who gets my allegiance?

Our existence is resistance.

In what way is that true for you today? In what way can you inspire others by what you choose to resist and how you choose to do it?
Whatever way you resist, resistance is, by its very definition, not easy. Which calls to mind one of the most beautiful promises Jesus made to us. It is in his final conversation with his disciples that he says:

“In the world you have distress. But be encouraged! I have conquered the world!” (John 16:33)

Brothers and sisters, take courage today. Take courage that your Christian existence can be resistance.

May Christ’s Peace be with you today,