Lenten Worship and Luncheon

Lunch 11:45am-12:15pm;   Service: 12:15pm-12:45pm;   Lunch 12:45pm-1:15pm

March 11th
Host: Immaculate Conception  Preacher: Rev. Kim Cloninger

March 18th
Host: Central Presbyterian  Preacher: Deacon Greg Pair

March 25th
Host: First Presbyterian  Preacher: Rev. Bud Reeves

April 1st
 First United Methodist  Preacher: Rev. Mike Lager

April 8th
Host: St. John’s Episcopal  Preacher: Rev. Steven Kurtz

April 15th (Holy Week)
Host: Goddard United Methodist  Preacher: Rev. Phillip Blackburn

Lenten Readings

40 Days with the Gospel of John (mostly)

March 6:  Joel 2: 1-2, 12-17

March 7: John 1:1-28
March 8: John 1:29-51
March 9: John 2:1-25

March 11: Ephesians 2:1-10
March 12: John 3:1-21
March 13: John 3:22-36
March 14: John 4:1-26
March 15: 1 John 4:1-10
March 16: John 4:27-54

March 18: John 5:1-30
March 19: John 5:31-6:14
March 20: Philippians 2:1-14
March 21: John 6:15-59
March 22: John 6:60-7:9
March 23: John 7:10-44

March 25: Psalm 23
March 26: John 7:45-8:20
March 27: John 8:21-47
March 28: John 8:48-9:12
March 29: Galatians 3:10-14
March 30: John 9:13-41

April 1: John 10:1-21
April 2: John 10:22-11:16
April 3: Isaiah 53
April 4: John 11:17-44
April 5: John 11:45-12:19
April 6: John 12:20-50

April 8th: Ephesians 1:3-14
April 9th: John 13:1-30
April 10th: John 13:31-14:18
April 11th: John 14:19-15:17
April 12th: Colossians 1:15-23
April 13th: John 15:18-16:24

April 15: John 16:25-17:19
April 16: John 17:20-18:11
April 17: Colossians 2:6-15
April 18: John 18:12-40 (Maundy Thursday)
April 19: John 19:1-30 (Good Friday)
April 20: John 19:31-20:18 (Holy Saturday)
April 21: John 20:19-21:25 (Easter Sunday)


Download the PDF here

40 days with the gospel of john



FEBRUARY 21, 2019

As part of his Pastor’s Report, Moderator Pastor Phil reviewed the nature and importance of the Lenten season.  He encouraged Ruling Elders to plan their personal journey through the season of Lent.  He challenged members of the Session to “shape their spiritual habits” during Lent to best prepare for Easter and asked them to use those actions to help shape the life of the Congregation.  He tasked the Session to identify their role in influencing the spiritual practices of the Congregation.  Session members were then divided into small groups and moved to break-out sessions to come up with suggestions for achieving those goals.  This report summarizes those suggestions that were shared with body.

-Talk up the importance of connecting with our congregation and those of others during the Lenten

                Lunches.  Invite members and nonmembers to attend with you.  Plan your lunch schedule to

                promote involvement within the flexible Lenten Luncheon time frame.

-Encourage worship and Bible Study attendance during Lent.  Contact those you haven’t seen in a while

                to join you at worship.  Consider encouraging cross-attendance at Day One and Traditional


-Task appropriate FPC Staff to include Lenten Lunch and Holy Week schedule on FB page, a special

                Email, in the Proclaimer, service bulletins, etc.

-Task Pastor Phil to create a list of Lent-related individual daily scriptures for Congregants and that can

                be used in the “Lenten Buddy System”.  Distribute profusely… The same applies to a list of

                Lenten Prayer Topics…

-Encourage Congregants to use the “Lenten Buddy” approach.  Download a Bible app. onto your phone

                such as Bible Up! or others, read the daily scripture with your Buddy and text/call each other

                that you have read it, even share your thoughts on the daily scripture…accountability is key.

-Task appropriate FPC Staff with notifying Congregants that Mission Committee has accepted a

                challenge from Central Presbyterian to reduce the use of plastic bags.  Mission has purchased

                200 cloth grocery bags with FPCFS logo on them, available to our members to purchase at

                $5.25 each.  Not sure what the prize for is for selling the most bags, but Central wants a

                handicap since they have a smaller congregation; maybe % sales will be the target???

-Set positive examples; pray; read; sacrifice by giving up something (plastic?); do something positive for

                someone else; promote the Lenten and Regular services with Congregants and new guests

-Share scriptures by using Rock Scriptures:  Purchase a bag of light-colored rocks at hardware store and

                sort out for size large enough to print short scriptures on but small enough to go in a pocket or

                a purse; select any short scripture and write it and verse # on the rock with sharpie (or similar)

                pen.  Each Sunday, give a rock to someone at church and ask them to share with others each

                week, perhaps switching. This can be done individually and by Pastors. On Good Friday, include

                putting rocks at the foot of the Cross during the service.