Sermons from January 2016

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“A Prayer for the Year: Psalm 71”


“A PRAYER FOR THE YEAR: PSALM 71” Psalm 71: 1-16 The Reverend Tasha Blackburn January 31, 2016   There was once a pastor who only ministered to senior citizens. After years of doing this, he told a colleague of his: “After all this time, I have learned that God saves…” The colleague wondered if his […]

“Feeding Programs”


“FEEDING PROGRAMS” You Are Not Alone:  Week Three John 21: 15-19 The Reverend Phillip Blackburn January 24, 2016 What is loneliness?  We’ve been talking about it for 3 weeks but we’ve never really defined it.  So what is it?  Well, I think if you boil it right down to its core, loneliness is about connection.  […]

“Sittin’ With My Friends And Talking To Myself”


“SITTIN’ WITH MY FRIENDS AND TALKING TO MYSELF” The End of Loneliness:  Part Two John 15: 12-17 The Reverend Phillip Blackburn January 17, 2016 Do you remember your very first best friend?  Think about it for a minute.  Who were they?  Where did you meet?  What was your relationship like?  What made them special?  Over […]

“No Orphans Here”


  “NO ORPHANS HERE” The End of Loneliness: Part One John 14: 15-27 The Reverend Tasha Blackburn January 10, 2016 We are born alone, we live alone, we die alone.” I believe it was Orson Wells who said that. He went on to say that thinking we weren’t alone was nothing but an illusion. And […]

“Wise Men From the East”


“Wise Men From the East” David Hawkins Sunday, January 3, 2016 During the Christmas season I was reading Daniel.   I came across the words “wise men” (Dan 2:24).   I thought of Matthew’s magi story.   Matthew tells us the magi are from the east.   I wondered, how did these travelers from far away know of and […]