Sermons from March 2016

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“WHY” Luke 24: 1-12 The Reverend Tasha Blackburn March 27, 2016 (VIDEO UNAVAILABLE) Why? Why do you look for the Living among the Dead? An empty tomb doesn’t offer us much. Only loss, mistake, missing, and trick. That’s what the women thought, there with their faces in the dirt. It doesn’t offer us much either…A […]

“Discovering Jesus: As Bread”


“DISCOVERING JESUS: AS BREAD” John 6: 32-40 The Reverend Phillip Blackburn March 6, 2016 (VIDEO UNAVAILABLE) Edgar Mitchell lived a pretty amazing life.  Born in 1930 in Hereford, Texas, which is just west of nowhere and just south of nothing much, Mitchell went on to become a test pilot and then an astronaut.  He trained […]