Sermons from May 2016

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“Providential Living”


“Providential Living” Romans 8:26-28, 38-39 Rev. Stewart Smith, General Presbyter May 29, 2016        This is indeed an honor and a joy to be with you this morning.  I thank Phil and Tasha for the invitation, and as I was anticipating this opportunity to return to a place where I served with you for […]

“Held in Its Power”


“Held in Its Power” Acts 2:1-15, 22-24 Romans 8:14-17 Rev. Tasha Blackburn May 15, 2016   -Pentecost Sunday I didn’t see any rabbits at the store this week. Nor any lilies in baskets and not even one single Santa greeted me at the store’s door. No, this holiday doesn’t have any secular partners. Pentecost-themed candies have […]

“The Equity Market”

“THE EQUITY MARKET” Psalm 67 The Reverend Phillip Blackburn May 1, 2016 When I discuss a wedding with a bride and groom these days, I always ask them if they would like a sermon.  I immediately follow this with the disclaimer that, for this pastor, a wedding sermon lasts anywhere from 3-5 minutes.  I say […]