Sermons from February 2017

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“Thy Kingdom Come” The Church Forward: Exhibitionists


“THY KINGDOM COME” The Church Forward: Exhibitionists Matthew 23:12-33 The Reverend Tasha Blackburn February 26, 2017 (VIDEO UNAVAILABLE) It almost seems like the ironic punch line to some strange joke. Jesus has died and Jesus has been raised from the dead. Jesus has scheduled an appointment with his followers. There they are on a patch […]

“Distinct” The Church Forward: Truth-Tellers


“DISTINCT” The Church Forward: Truth-Tellers John 17: 6-19 The Reverend Tasha Blackburn February 19, 2017 “What is truth?” That is what Pilate famously asked Jesus. “What is truth?” It is what we ask ourselves even today. Because “truth” seems to have become slippery and it can elude us. Now I don’t mean the current kerfuffle […]

“Sanctuary” The Church Foward: Love


“SANCTUARY” The Church Forward: Love 1 Corinthians 13: 1-13 The Reverend Phillip Blackburn February 12, 2017 (VIDEO UNAVAILABLE) Do you remember playing tag when you were a kid?  I do.  The game we often played was a form of tag wherein once a person was tagged they changed sides and joined the taggers.  This would […]

“It’s Always Darkest…” The Church Forward:Justice


“IT’S ALWAYS DARKEST…” The Church Forward:  Justice Amos 5: 18-24 The Reverend Phillip Blackburn February 5, 2017 In 1841, 35 delegates to the Union Baptist Association meeting in Texas accepted the suggestion of the Rev. William Milton Tyron and District Judge R.E.B. Baylor to establish a Baptist University in Texas.  This university, which many of […]