Sermons from March 2017

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“EVERYTHING” Matthew 13: 44-46 The Reverend Phillip Blackburn March 26, 2017 Have you ever wanted to do one of those DNA tests that tells you where you are from?  They advertise for those things all the time now and they are certainly interesting.  I got one for Christmas, although I don’t think it was very […]

“The Trojan Yeast”


“THE TROJAN YEAST” Matthew 13: 33 The Reverend Phillip Blackburn March 19, 2017 Do you ever play the, “if I were King” game?  You know that game; what you would do if you were suddenly undisputed king of your house or your office or your country or the world.  It’s a fun game.  I play it […]

“Seeds of Hope”


“SEEDS OF HOPE” Matthew 13: 31-32 The Reverend Tasha Blackburn March 12, 2017 (VIDEO UNAVAILABLE) We love trees. By “we” I mean “we humans.” We love trees. It is one of the best parts about living here in Arkansas, to not only have so many trees in our town but also to have the National […]

“Why Do Bad Weeds Happen to Good Wheat?”


“WHY DO BAD WEEDS HAPPEN TO GOOD WHEAT?” Matthew 13:24-30 The Reverend Phillip Blackburn March 5, 2017   Utopia is pretty attractive, isn’t it?  A utopia is a place where laws, society and culture are perfect and it has been a dream of humanity for centuries.  We are always after that perfect place.   Right after […]