Sermons from May 2019

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“How You See, Not What You See”

“How You See, Not What You See” Luke 5:27-32 Getting to the Heart of Luke  Rev. Phillip Blackburn May 26, 2019 (VIDEO UNAVAILABLE) It was 1917, just after World War I had ended, in a small town in Switzerland, where a man named Hermann did something remarkable.  He took several small cards and he splattered […]

“The Joy of Fatherhood”

“The Joy of Fatherhood” The Prodigal: Week 3 1 John 2:29-3:2 Rev. Tasha Blackburn May 19, 2019 (VIDEO UNAVAILABLE) We arrive at our last week of considering the greatest of all of Jesus’ parables. We first put our focus on the younger son, learning that “prodigal” means wasteful. Finding that this wasteful son needed to […]

“The Straight Story”

“The Straight Story” The Prodigal: Week 2 Romans 5:3-10; Luke 15:20-32 Rev. Phillip Blackburn May 12, 2019 Don’t you love a good, straight line?  I know I do.  I love a straight line.  It’s so clean and tidy.  When I make the bed, I shoot for straight lines.  When I put on my slacks on […]

“Coming To”

“Coming To” The Prodigal: Week 1 Psalm 51:1-5; Luke 15:11-20a Rev. Tasha Blackburn May 5, 2019 We’ve all watched enough medical dramas to know that, when coming to consciousness the two most important answers you need to know are: “What is your name?” and “How many fingers am I holding up?” Answering correctly decides whether […]