Sermons from October 2019

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“Holding Out for a Hero”

“Holding Out for a Hero” Judges 16:4-22 Rev. Tasha Blackburn October 27, 2019 Once I was walking in a pasture that held sheep. I saw several small groupings of sheep and lambs, jumping and baaing together. Then, around a bend, I saw a solitary lamb. Even from a distance you could tell that he was […]

“Caught in the Reign”

“Caught in the Reign” Judges 9:7-21 Rev. Tasha Blackburn October 20, 2019 On the same day that the Israelites were finally going to cross into the Promised Land—on the very same day that would culminate 40 years of wandering—Moses had them climb a mountain instead. Two mountains, in fact. You can read all about this […]


“Torchbearer” Judges 4:12-16 Rev. Phillip Blackburn October 6, 2019 I know exactly where the flashlight is in my house.  Aren’t you proud of me?  Stashing the flashlight is always one of the first things I do when I move into a new place.  I want to know exactly where it is.  I suspect this value […]