Sermons from February 2020

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“My Precious” 

“My Precious”  Luke 14:25-33 Rev. Tasha Blackburn February 16, 2020 In Luke’s gospel, Jesus and his disciples are either eating or traveling on the road. (which, by the way, doesn’t sound like a bad way to live at all) In these very difficult and controversial verses we are on the road again. No food in […]

” ‘My’ Secret Exposed” 

” ‘My’ Secret Exposed”  Luke 12:13-21 Rev. Tasha Blackburn February 9, 2020 Whenever I do premarital counseling we invariably come to the “good news/bad news” part about marriage. This is how I break it to them. I say, “One of the best parts about marriage is that you have someone who loves you who—when you […]

“Food and Drink” 

“Food and Drink”  “Jesus Said What?”- Week 4 John 6:48-61 Rev. Tasha Blackburn February 2, 2020 What a thing to say! The day after he multiplied the loaves and the fish for the 5,000 hungry people, Jesus shares these words and this startling image: “Unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and […]