Sermons from April 2020

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“Hope, Help, Love.”

“Hope, Help, Love.” John 11:1-16 Rev. Phillip Blackburn April 26, 2020 Hope is, by definition, an act of desperation.  As Scripture reminds us, we do not hope for something that is seen, for who would hope for what is.  Rather, we hope for that which is unseen.  In other words, when we hope, we are […]

“The Door Way” – Easter Sunday

“The Door Way” – Easter Sunday Luke 24:1-12 Rev. Tasha Blackburn April 12, 2020 I thought we were talking about whether or not his homework was done. That’s what I thought my son Calum and I were talking about in the car the other day. But then, in midsentence, he turned to me and asked, […]