Sermons by The Rev. Phillip Blackburn

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“Grace to you, and peace…”

“Grace to you, and peace…” Romans 1:1-7 Rev. Phillip Blackburn December 22, 2019 I found myself cornered again by one of the more difficult personalities in the church.  This was back when I worked in Indianapolis and I was in charge of their young adult group.  Well, this guy had been a fixture in the […]

“Left Behind”

“Left Behind” Romans 6:1-5 Rev. Phillip Blackburn November 10, 2019 Grace… Grace… Grace… Grace.  The word we give to the manifestation of God’s love, as Christians, is grace. It is our oxygen.  It is that thing which illumines our path.  When we awoke in the middle of the night as children, terrified by a dream […]

“Do This In Remembrance”

“Do This In Remembrance” The Sacrament of Holy Communion: Part 1 1 Corinthians 11:17-26 Rev. Phillip Blackburn November 3, 2019 We were all lined up and ready to run.  Teachers flanked the distant corners of the Quail Creek Elementary School playground.  We stood on our line, stakes and hammers in hand, poised.  When the starters […]