Sermons by The Rev. Phillip Blackburn

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“Celebrities” Matthew 18:1-5; Psalm 8 The Reverend Phillip Blackburn January 14, 2018 Just so you know I am here to help you out.  Over this past week I have decided that we all need to become internet famous.  In order to do this, we all need to boost our social media profiles a lot.  So I […]

“Resilience: The Waiting Game”

“Resilience: The Waiting Game” Psalm 130 The Reverend Phillip Blackburn November 26, 2017 Have you ever scrolled through one of those websites that advertises vacation homes?  You know, you type in your destination and what type of place you want, how many bedrooms, whatever, and a bunch of options appear on your screen.  One of […]

“Resilience: The Joy Harvest”

“Resilience: The Joy Harvest” Psalm 126 The Reverend Phillip Blackburn November 19, 2017 It’s hard to go back to places you loved.  Tasha and I spent a couple of days in Austin last weekend on our way home from our clergy retreat, and I have to admit I find visiting Austin to be somewhat bittersweet.  […]

“Tornado Watch”

“Tornado Watch” A Series on Job Job 38:1-11, 19-21 The Reverend Phillip Blackburn October 29, 2017 I come from the land of whirlwinds.  As long as I can remember, I have looked at the skies in spring and fall with a mix of awe and fear.  Will the clouds around me organize?  Will I feel the downdraft […]