Sermons by The Rev. Phillip Blackburn

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“Dance in the Joy of Uncertainty”

“Dance in the Joy of Uncertainty” Matthew 28:16-20 Rev. Phillip Blackburn June 21, 2020 The Trinity.  Sigh.  Most of us who have been in the church a long time have heard lots of talk of the Triune God; Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  The Trinity has been a bedrock theological doctrine for around 17 centuries […]

“I Call You Friends”

“I Call You Friends” John 15: 12-17 Rev. Phillip Blackburn May 3, 2020 There was a fight happening in my hallway one time.  It wasn’t particularly violent, but it was loud.  This was some years ago, when Calum and Alena were younger, and they were going at it.  Who can say what happened?  Perhaps someone […]

“Hope, Help, Love.”

“Hope, Help, Love.” John 11:1-16 Rev. Phillip Blackburn April 26, 2020 Hope is, by definition, an act of desperation.  As Scripture reminds us, we do not hope for something that is seen, for who would hope for what is.  Rather, we hope for that which is unseen.  In other words, when we hope, we are […]