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“The Casting Stone”

“The Casting Stone” Romans 2:1-4; John 8:2-11 Rev. Phillip Blackburn March 31, 2019 (VIDEO UNAVAILABLE) You can see them every week day.  They hang around on the sidewalk, talking, smoking, sometimes just sitting.  They are some of Fort Smith’s poorest, most troubled residents and each weekday they are drawn to the Next Step Day Room […]

“Stone Oaks”

“Stone Oaks” Psalm 91:11-15; Genesis 28:10-22 Rev. Phillip Blackburn March 10, 2019 I grew up in a subdivision named Quail Creek.  Now, this was in Oklahoma City of course and I lived there for 18 years.  There was a small ditch when ran through a park near my house.  The water in it was brackish […]

“Three Simple Ways to Accomplish Absolutely Nothing”


“Three Simple Ways to Accomplish Absolutely Nothing” 1 John 2:8-3:3; 1 John 4:16b-21 Rev. Phillip Blackburn February 17, 2019 If you plug “six steps to…” into your google machine you get the following:  six steps to decision making.  Six steps to problem solving.   Six steps to 7 figures.  And my favorite, six steps to freedom.  […]

“Writing the Perfect Sentence”

“Writing the Perfect Sentence” Romans 3:21-26; 1 John 1:5-10 Rev. Phillip Blackburn February 10, 2019 Have you ever paid someone to lock you in a room?  I have!  A few weeks ago the Blackburns went to an Escape Room for the first time.  This is a newish sort of thing and if you’ve never been, […]