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” ‘My’ Secret Exposed” 

” ‘My’ Secret Exposed”  Luke 12:13-21 Rev. Tasha Blackburn February 9, 2020 Whenever I do premarital counseling we invariably come to the “good news/bad news” part about marriage. This is how I break it to them. I say, “One of the best parts about marriage is that you have someone who loves you who—when you […]

“Food and Drink” 

“Food and Drink”  “Jesus Said What?”- Week 4 John 6:48-61 Rev. Tasha Blackburn February 2, 2020 What a thing to say! The day after he multiplied the loaves and the fish for the 5,000 hungry people, Jesus shares these words and this startling image: “Unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and […]

“In the Will” 

(DayOne Video) “In the Will”  “Jesus Said What?”- Week 3 Matthew 12:46-50 Rev. Tasha Blackburn January 26, 2020 The India group will be gone for 21 days. The last time Phil or I were gone for 21 days straight was 7 years ago when I was in Malawi, Africa. When I returned home I learned […]

Christmas Eve Worship “In Those Days”


Christmas Eve Worship “In Those Days” Luke 2:1-18 Rev. Tasha Blackburn December 24, 2019 “In those days came a decree that all the world should be enrolled.”  “In those days…” And with that introduction we begin to set the pieces of the nativity scene we know so well. Mary goes in first, looking unruffled and […]

“All in the Family”

“All in the Family” Matthew 3:1-12 Rev. Tasha Blackburn December 8, 2019 I wonder how this season feels for you? Does it feel heavy or light; burdensome or freeing? Does it bring you joy? Or, to use, non-church language, does Christmas make you happy? There are scientists who actually study what makes us happy and […]