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“With All Your Soul”

“With All Your Soul” Galatians 3:25-28 The Reverend Tasha Blackburn September 17, 2017 Phil and I recently met with a woman who hates herself. Anyone who met her would say she was delightful and successful and blessed. But what goes on inside her is very different. When we were together Phil asked her if the voice […]

“What’s in a name?”


“What’s in a name?” Matthew 16:13-23 The Reverend Tasha Blackburn September 3, 2017 (Video recording not available) This past week, our daughter Alena needed help with one of her homework assignments. It was titled, What’s In a Name. “First question,” she said to me, “is what is my name and what does my name mean?” I […]

“Press On” – A Letter of Joy


“Press On”- A Letter of Joy Philippians 3:7-14 The Reverend Tasha Blackburn August 20, 2017 Lots of people share a faith conversion story that is patterned after the apostle Paul. They share about how they were living a life of sin and then they were knocked to the ground and forced to set sin aside and chose Jesus […]