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“Full Name Please”

“Full Name Please” John 21: 1-19 Rev. Tasha Blackburn May 10, 2020 In this last scripture of the last gospel, we get a conversation that includes someone’s full name. The one who is being called by his full name is Peter and the one doing the calling of the name is Jesus. If you remember […]

“The Door Way” – Easter Sunday

“The Door Way” – Easter Sunday Luke 24:1-12 Rev. Tasha Blackburn April 12, 2020 I thought we were talking about whether or not his homework was done. That’s what I thought my son Calum and I were talking about in the car the other day. But then, in midsentence, he turned to me and asked, […]

“The Giving Tree” 

“The Giving Tree”  Isaiah 11:1-3,6,9-10 Rev. Tasha Blackburn March 22, 2020 Just reading this text out loud makes me feel like we should be putting the Christmas trees up here at church, that we should be decking the halls. Which, of course, even if it were Christmas we would not be doing that today or […]