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“Resilience: Love That Won’t Quit”

“Resilience: Love That Won’t Quit” Romans 8:31-39 The Reverend Terry McLellan November 12, 2017 Pastor Eugene Peterson tells a story of being in a line to give his annual blood donation.  The clerk asked him a number of questions, as they do, to qualify him as to whether he could give blood.  She got to the […]

“Singing in Jail”- The Power of Music


“Singing in Jail”- The Power of Music  Acts 16:16-34 The Reverend Terry McLellan July 16, 2017 (VIDEO UNAVAILABLE THIS WEEK DUE TO TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES) Throughout the gospel according to John, particularly in John 17, the High priestly prayer Jesus said before his arrest, spoke to the interconnectedness of The Father, The Son and the Holy […]