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“Stone Oaks”

“Stone Oaks” Psalm 91:11-15; Genesis 28:10-22 Rev. Phillip Blackburn March 10, 2019 I grew up in a subdivision named Quail Creek.  Now, this was in Oklahoma City of course and I lived there for 18 years.  There was a small ditch when ran through a park near my house.  The water in it was brackish […]

“Walking Away with the Win”

“Walking Away with the Win” Psalm 86:8-13; 3 John 1-15 Rev. Tasha Blackburn March 3, 2019 It is a basic fact that life is a heck of a journey. And for people who want to live a life of faith, the journey takes on deeper meaning and different destinations. That’s why Christians are often called […]

“Three Simple Ways to Accomplish Absolutely Nothing”


“Three Simple Ways to Accomplish Absolutely Nothing” 1 John 2:8-3:3; 1 John 4:16b-21 Rev. Phillip Blackburn February 17, 2019 If you plug “six steps to…” into your google machine you get the following:  six steps to decision making.  Six steps to problem solving.   Six steps to 7 figures.  And my favorite, six steps to freedom.  […]

“Writing the Perfect Sentence”

“Writing the Perfect Sentence” Romans 3:21-26; 1 John 1:5-10 Rev. Phillip Blackburn February 10, 2019 Have you ever paid someone to lock you in a room?  I have!  A few weeks ago the Blackburns went to an Escape Room for the first time.  This is a newish sort of thing and if you’ve never been, […]